Celtic Heritage

     t was a sight to remember, kilts swaying, bagpipes playing, a beautiful bride and her entourage being piped down Abercorn Street in Savannah.  Leading the group was local bagpiper, Dana Wells who squeezed-off the wailing notes of “Scotland the Brave” and other tunes known only to the culture-tweaked ears of diaspora Scots.      Following closely, the bride, Shawnee Byrd, dressed in a Celtic style wedding dress highlighted by her Clan MacDonald sash.  Behind follow six ladies in black with escorts in Clan Gordon kilts -- dressed-to-the-tee, chin-up, proud-to-be-seen demeanor -- men in kilts escorting women who are drop-dead-gorgeous.  Heads turn.  Cars stop.  Tourists and locals applaud.
    Their destination is in the shadow of the double-spired Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.  The aptly named groom, William Wallace, waits on a red carpet in the center of Lafayette Square. He is in full-dress Highland formal; Wallace Clan kilt and Prince Charlie jacket.  Over his shoulder is a matching fly plaid that draped down to the top of his sgian-dubh knife and kilt hose.
William and Shawnee wanted a “small, but elegant wedding ceremony” that accurately reflected the Scottish heritage they share.  Residents of Alpharetta, GA, the couple considered Savannah the perfect location for their celebration.  After con-tacting Jim and Becky Byous of An Affair To Remember the foursome created their memorable mid-October ceremony-to-remember.
  Lafayette Square was perfect for the occasion.  Called the Celtic square, many of the surrounding homes and structures were built or occupied by residents of Scottish or Irish heritage.  Fittingly-named buildings include: The Andrew Low house, home of Girl Scout founder Juliette Gordon Low (Clan Gordon and Clan McLauren); the Hamilton-Turner House (Clan Hamilton-Clan Lamont);  the home of American author Flannery O’Connor (Irish); The Suites on Lafayette, home of Civil War Major John B. Gallie, (Clan Gunn), the Battersby-Hartridge-Anderson house (Clan Anderson); with the Celtic themed Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist standing on the northeast...
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Heritage Weddings
Bagpiper Dana Wells "pipes" the entourage of bride, Shawnee Byrd, down Abercorn Street in Savannah's, Historic district.
The Entourage
The Celts --Wallace-Byrd and Dailey-Agnew Weddings
...with a wee bit o' the Irish
  The way of the Scots...
William and Shawnee Wallace, above left, were married in a Scottish style wedding in Savannah's Lafayette Square.  Scottish Clan Agnew and Irish, County Westmeath tartan ribbon accent the bouquet of Leigh Ann Agnew.  Agnew married Chris Dailey in Savannah's Forsyth Park.
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